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"enjoyable and lively atmosphere providing creative and exciting cuisine "


The Norwich Bulletin - Dining Out
By Joan Gordon - Feb. 27, 2003
Third Restaurant is charming with Olio

"Trendy eatery, high quality, great service. A welcome addition to our dining community."

"To paraphrase a gentleman at an adjoinng table, "My wife only has to whisper 'Olio,' and I'm there!" A wise man."

The Norwich Bulletin - Dining Out
By Rich Koster
"Tempura is an art requiring a delicate touch with the batter, and the Olio folks have it down. . . All the presentations were beautiful. "

"Uses Italian as a trampoline to leap into various Continental and nu cuisines. "

"Olio's menu is generous and ambitious across the board."

"Fast-Paced" Olio Deserves Props
By Jess DeSanta
"Self-proclaimed "fast-paced," this new oasis for the adventurous palate in Groton is a modern, edgy answer to the myriad authentic Italian-style dining options in the area. "

"A sublime success."


Bravo Brav\o Olio
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